April 25, 2010

Junior Certificate Art Exam

For my art exam I have to do a lot of work during the year. We started in October, focusing on our preparation sheets. Here is the list of this I have to complete:

1. Preparation Sheet for painting or graphic design (a few pictures related to our theme in any medium) - my theme is in a poem (the word 'singing').
2. Completed painting or graphic design - I painted Taylor Swift.
3. Support Studies sheet for painting or graphic design - I chose Arthur Braginsky.
4. Preparation Sheet for 3D - my theme is flowers.
5. Completed 3D - I did a water lily (picture to come soon).
6. Preparation for option (I chose a lino print) - My theme is flowers also.
7. Completed option - I did a rose
8. Support Studies sheet for 3D and option (1 page to be shared for both) - I chose Patrick Gracewood for my 3D and Anastasia Czerniakiewicz for my option.

The Exam on the Day (Some time in June):
9. Drawing from natural/man made forms (still life drawing) - 1hr 30mins
10. Drawing from human forms (life drawing) - 2hrs

I still have to complete some of my support studies but luckily for me, I got a lot of information from Patrick Gracewood that I have finished my Support studies for my 3D, Thanks Patrick!


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