April 25, 2010

Lino print support studies finished!

I just finished my lino support studies sheet on Anastasia Czerniakiewicz. The piece I chose is her beautiful Burst Of Flame to copy and I have posted my attempt of it above. I used oil pastels to copy it so the colors aren't exactly right and the details aren't defined but it was the best I could do with the oil pastels. My one is on the top and the original is under it.

Junior Certificate Art Exam

For my art exam I have to do a lot of work during the year. We started in October, focusing on our preparation sheets. Here is the list of this I have to complete:

1. Preparation Sheet for painting or graphic design (a few pictures related to our theme in any medium) - my theme is in a poem (the word 'singing').
2. Completed painting or graphic design - I painted Taylor Swift.
3. Support Studies sheet for painting or graphic design - I chose Arthur Braginsky.
4. Preparation Sheet for 3D - my theme is flowers.
5. Completed 3D - I did a water lily (picture to come soon).
6. Preparation for option (I chose a lino print) - My theme is flowers also.
7. Completed option - I did a rose
8. Support Studies sheet for 3D and option (1 page to be shared for both) - I chose Patrick Gracewood for my 3D and Anastasia Czerniakiewicz for my option.

The Exam on the Day (Some time in June):
9. Drawing from natural/man made forms (still life drawing) - 1hr 30mins
10. Drawing from human forms (life drawing) - 2hrs

I still have to complete some of my support studies but luckily for me, I got a lot of information from Patrick Gracewood that I have finished my Support studies for my 3D, Thanks Patrick!


My copy of the amazing 'Lily Rondel' by Patrick Gracewood

This is my copy of the amazing sculpture 'Lily Rondel' by Patrick Gracewood. This sketch is for my support studies sheet for my clay piece for my Junior Cert (an important state exam). It's not completely done, i need to touch up some spots but it is near enough to being finished. See the amazing original piece at www.GracewoodStudio.com and follow Patrick Gracewood at http://shadowsonstone.blogspot.com/